Warts not trustworthy? We clear things up!

The products listed in this page are listed by which type of wart they are against, which one is called warts, and the treatment regimen for them. I am also listing products in the warts category as I find some are better for warts.

All products are labeled and listed as "Generic." "Generic" is a code word meaning it is a generic or similar name. They can be used to label products without a patent. Most people don't know if a product is "Generic" or not. Warts are an infectious disease of the skin. In the late 1940s, the US government created a special vaccine to fight these warts. The vaccine caused many, many people to get warts. The vaccine was discontinued, and the disease has now become very common. The best way to prevent warts is with the proper medical care. A warts treatment includes the following: treatment of warts with antibiotics, wart removal, wart medication (the warts are also treated with a topical medication called a "tumor cream") and a wart patch. Wart removal can be done with the same treatment. Some people prefer the treatment of a wart cream. This method of treatment can be expensive, and if it is done wrong it can cause scarring of the skin and could even kill the wart. Wart patches can be used on the skin.

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